Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Top 10 Things a Platoon Leader Must Do

Often we talk about the principles and theory of leadership but rarely do we specifically discuss the practical how to side of leadership. As an Officer Candidate approaching graduation and assignment to my first platoon, I remember searching for those nuggets of practical advice on how to be a Platoon Leader. So I have created my top 10 list of actions you can do as PL or small unit level leader that are specific, measurable, and observable signs of a leader doing their job. This will be the first post in this series and I will talk about each item in more detail in future posts coming soon.

1) Proactively take care of Soldiers (promotions, schools, awards)

2) Use the DA 4856 Development Counseling form and counsel ( click here to download the form in MS format)

3) Set goals on your OER Support Form and log you significant contributions

4) Create a Leader's Book aka Battle Book (with Battle Roster, SOP's, AAR's)

5) Write Platoon level OPORD's, Training Schedules, and Time lines ahead of time.

6) Start up a Unit Newsletter, Website, and Bulletin Board

7) Conduct Leader's Recons and Platoon-level collective Rehearsals

8) Conduct AAR's and Platoon Climate Surverys

9) Do Risk Assessments and give Safety Briefings

10) Build the team with Platoon Motto, Name, Guidon Design, PT Shirts

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