Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How to Troubleshoot your Foot & Boot

If you are getting hot spots on the bottom of your feet --> Your boots are too loose

If you are getting a blister on your heel --> Your boots are too tight

If you are getting a blister on the top of your foot --> Skip the shoe lace hole(s) of the area

Before you eat and sleep, take care of your feet.

Take care of those dogs.

More Foot Maintenance Guidance from CPT Durnell
1. Each night before going to bed, perform the following routine: --Wipe feet down with isopropyl alcohol
-Let feet dry
-Spray feet with antiperspirant deodorant (i.e. Arrid XXX Dry); pay special attention to ensure you get it between your toes.
Let feet dry
2. Prior to each road march, perform the following routine:
-Apply moleskin, if required, to any known problem areas (a problem area is a spot where you know you get blisters or hot spots)
-Apply foot powder to feet and ankles. Don't over due it, simply put on a thorough coat.
Apply foot powder to the inside of your sock
Apply foot powder to your boot insert
3. During the road march:
-If hot spots or blisters occur, pause long enough to change your socks. At a minimum, readjust your socks and apply foot powder. You can apply moleskin, but it will be difficult to get it to stick at this time.
4. Socks:
-I strongly recommend buying good boot socks. A good sock is one that friction by fitting tightly on your foot, and reduces moisture by wicking it away from you foot. The stitching of the sock should be on the outside so that it can not rub against your toenails. I use Fox River Blister Guard™ socks and reduces absolutely recommend them. However, there are plenty of options out there.
5. Boot Inserts:
- This will be money you will be thankful you spent. Army issue boot inserts are average to poor at reducing friction, moisture and impact. You will need to spend about $20 to get a good pair of inserts, but you will be happy you did. SOF Soles or Spenco or popular brands. You can go to any quality hiking/outdoor store and find good insoles. (Dr. Scholl's are NOT what I'm talking about!)

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